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Tuesday, April 23, 2019


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Sorry you feel that way. I actually want to help people where I can and I offer a lot of free advice and assitance (for instance, this blog, a site where I do promote my book but offer courses for free and workbooks for free, and more - revenueorelationships.com ). I also connect a lot of people together to help them achieve their goals - even if it doesn't include my help or services.

Business is about people - not selling a good or service. The good or service solves a problem and usually, people don't even realize they have one until they have a conversation about it. My point is, if your goal in networking is to sell, you won't do well. (Why advertising doesn't work on LinkedIn sales navigator.) If your goal is to get to know people and see how you can help them solve their problems (even if the solution doesn't include what you sell), that's the gold. It's about people and connection and the relationship. Hope that is helpful.

pete mayes

Then you really need to have a word with Linledin ,they are the ones selling sales navigator and I actually think the way you and others want to go about it is even more manipulative than just being straight about why you want to connect.

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