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Tuesday, January 13, 2015


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Mary Brodie

Hi Robert! Great to hear from you and glad you liked it :) Thanks!

The apathy part of security is a tough one. At the conference I was at, some of the mobile leaders were saying that sadly, a major security breech of personal information may happen before anyone takes it seriously. I hope that doesn't happen. I wonder if we educated people more about where their data goes rather than just say, "it's safe and encrypted and we won't see your data," it will help shift that perception.

And for opt-out - I agree. Users should know what happens to their data for that situation too. We know what happens because we are in the business; I think if most people knew what we know, they wouldn't be so trusting of systems and stay on the cynical side.

Robert Hitomi

Nicely done Mary! But how do you overcome apathy? Also even in an opt out scenario, there is still the need to collect "essential" data as part of basic operations

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