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Tuesday, July 29, 2014


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Mary Brodie

I emailled them to fix it and sent them this post a couple of times. All I heard was crickets. That tells you everything you need to know about Spirit Airlines.


WOW... 2020 and STILL having this issue!? WHY DON'T THEY FIX IT!
I'm about to go with another airline SIMPLY because of THIS.


I couldnt get an account just because of their password policy. I used MaOS's preferred strong password, but still didn't accept it. %100 there is a problem on the site.

Dillion Harris

This is ridiculous. It's 2019 and Spirit still cannot streamline the password resetting process. I've spend 5 days on this and no progress. Solution: try southwest.


I feel bad. I wish I could help. When I sent this blog post and comments to them, there were crickets. And then an email to say they would send to the right people. And crickets. I wish I had more helpful information. I'd try calling them direct. That may help.


Was anyone successful in getting their password reset? I’ve been trying for 4 days now and nothing. If anyone has a contact or advice for actually getting the password reset please help! I am so frustrated and am getting absolutely no where with spirit.

Mary Brodie

I'm so sorry to those that continue to experience these issues. Such a shame, especially in today's online world.

As an update...I did send this blog post and its comments to Spirit Airlines and told them they may want to look into this issue.

I did get a response. They have forwarded this to their online development team. I offered my services to help (of course, right :) that's my job :) ). I haven't heard back. But from what I know, a handful of people in Spirit are aware of the issue, the comments, and how it is a problem. Not sure if they will take action....


June 2018 and I’m having the same problems!!!I’ve been battling with this for 2 days now!!!Ticket price been go up 300%!!!!!

Catherine barnes

It’s 2018 and I’m having the same problems!!! I can’t login into my account, I’m not getting emails and on top of that my flight was delayed over 6 hours and they promised us a voucher and now they are saying they don’t see anything about a voucher!!!! I paid the $59 to become a $9 member and now I can’t login into my account!! I’ve been battling with this fir 3 days now!!!!



this is soooo funny- same problem 4 years after...
i dont even get a new password :(

Tom Shepardson

Running into the same thing. Tried a reset multiple times in the past 2 days and have yet to receive a password reset e-mail. Thanks for posting this!


Im having same issue. Have miles to use and can't get in and not receiving an email. My miles are due to expire.


Ugh! So sorry, Gail! That's more than frustrating. If their online experience was great, it would make traveling with them an entirely different experience.


Every time I go to spirit airlines to login they tell me my password is invalid! I fly every month. This is totally frustrating. I'm a $9 cob member that can't get into my account! UGH!!! I have a lot of miles I can't use because they won't let me into my account. Been good no on for 4 years! Please help. Can not reset password no matte what I do.


me too... wtf why is it like this


Hi Jeff! I'm glad the article is helpful. And in software, Web sites, etc - it's never the user's fault. It's the system - the product managers, the UX designers, the programmers - they should include cusotmers in testing to understand their perspective. So yeah, totally not you - and never you :)

jeff harms

Thanks so much for posting this so we all don't feel like we're nuts. It's them. Not us.

jeff harms

Yeah, three years later. They still haven't fixed the problem. It's no big secret that Spirit Airlines totally, in every category, sucks.


It is July 2017 and I am a software developer waiting for my wife to receive an email from Spirit so we can spend hundreds of dollars on them to book a flight.

It's been 20 minutes so far. This is unheard of and I can only think that they do this for incentive.

Passed off in same situation

This is obviously intentional. They prevent you from on line check in do that you have to pay $10. Plus bag fees. What possible financial incentive would they have to fix that?? They clearly agent interested in customer retention since there are unlimited customers in line to get their "cheap" fares that they can nickel and dime and also screw around. Class action lawsuit anyone?pretty sure intention to screw the customer could be prived during discovery.

Mary Brodie

Chris - you are making me wonder if I should approach Spirit to get them to fix it....I can't believe it's still a problem. I bet they don't even realize how bad it is and how customers walk away from their madness....


I am having the same experience.....nearly two years after you post.
Am not able to book my ticket online. It's pathetic!


shame shame


This is exactly what I'm facing tonight...Get it together, spirit. >:(


Yes. This was exactly my experience! (Aug 2014). Insanely maddening.

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